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boat Category Rigged Max Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    As Wt 5am 7am 5pm 5am 7am 5pm 5am 7am 5pm 5am 7am 5pm 5am 7am 5pm 5am 7am 5pm 5am 7am 5pm
Friends 4x+ 70
Blue 2 4x+ 75
Blue 1 4x+ 80
Youth, LTR Zoltan Shepherd 4x 85
Fleur Spriggs Restricted 8+ 75 Thomasson Rogers Thomasson
Denis O'Connor Restricted 8+ 95 Neil Neil
Beatrice Restricted 8+ 85
Barambah Restricted 8+ 100 Bligh Bligh Neil Neil
Debbie Flynn Restricted 8+ 80 Rogers Broadley Broadley
Remington Restricted 4- 100 Neil Neil Neil
Peter Toon Restricted 4- 75 Wallace
Greg Burley Restricted 4- 100 Neil Neil
Trish Burton Restricted 4x 90 Pozzi Neil
Noel Langton II Restricted 2- 80 Neil Pozzi Neil
Steve Wilson Restricted 2- 80 Pozzi Holland Pozzi Paynter
Adam Kachyckyj II Restricted 2- 70 Taylor Gardener Taylor Pozzi Taylor Gardener
Mary Fenn Restricted 2- 95
Kev Kehoe Restricted 2- 75 Pozzi McMeniman
Charlie Green Restricted 2x 90
Fiona Albert Restricted 1x 70
Charlotte Travers Restricted 1x 70
Maddy Edmunds Restricted 1x 70
Jacinta Edmunds Restricted 1x 70
Andrew Abaza Restricted 1x 90 Napper Napper Napper Napper
Pedro Callanan Restricted 1x 85
Sam Renton Restricted 1x 90
B&H Lambert Restricted 1x 80
Lexie Nothdurft Restricted 1x 80
Jeff Peereboom Restricted 1x 100
Nelson Family Restricted 1x 82
James Burton ll Restricted 95
Wally Hughes V Restricted 75
Darcy Wruck Restricted 65
Adam Bakker Restricted 80
Harley Moore Restricted 90
Kaye Carpenter GeneralUse 8+ 80 Monkman Alford Wallace Alford Wallace
Michael Donnelly GeneralUse 4- 80 Neil Monkman Neil Monkman Neil
Steve&Roy Hinchy II GeneralUse 4x 80 Marler Marler Meyers
Gary Lynagh II GeneralUse 4x 80 Marler
Steve Kerin II GeneralUse 2- 65 Fanning
Chris Huxley GeneralUse 2- 95 Neil Neil Neil Tavakol
Kate Dearden GeneralUse 2x 70 Zawlodzka Zawlodzka Zawlodzka
Robin Bakker II GeneralUse 2x 72 Foster
Robin&Ceinwen Fay II GeneralUse 2x 75
Adair Ferguson II GeneralUse 2x 75
Bruce Greenland II GeneralUse 2x 80
Bob Lack GeneralUse 2x 95
Penny Beatty GeneralUse 1x 80
Rebecca Callanan GeneralUse 1x 80
Kristin Lloyd GeneralUse 1x 80
Vicky Leary GeneralUse 1x 80
Allan Noyes GeneralUse 1x 90
Paul Dooley GeneralUse 1x 90 Patane
Ralph Cruickshank GeneralUse 1x 90
Rob Mill GeneralUse 1x 90
Head of the Tweed GeneralUse 1x 75 Green
Norm Hoare GeneralUse 1x 95
Pippa Savage GeneralUse 1x 95
Head of the Tweed ll GeneralUse 95
Sif LTR 4x+ 90
Skadi LTR 4x+ 90
Steve Monkman LTR 4x 75
Speedboat 1 Coaches S 8 Vandas Vandas
Speedboat 2 Coaches S 8 Vandas Vandas Vandas
Speedboat 3 Coaches S 8 Alford Alford Vandas
Speedboat 4 Coaches S 8 Vandas Green Green Green Green Green Green
speed boat 5 Coaches S 8 Edmunds Edmunds Edmunds Edmunds Edmunds Edmunds
speed boat 6 Coaches S 10 Alford Alford Alford Alford Vandas
Speedboat 7 Coaches S 15 Pozzi Pozzi Pozzi Pozzi
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